Our Collaborative, Nuestras Escuelas, Nuestros Poderes, is a growing group of parents, teachers, and community members that seeks to address our elementary, middle, and high school campuses’ goals by building community across diversity and broadcasting our schools’ strengths.

Our mission is to create connections and build solidarity between Travis VT schools and with the community by identifying, celebrating, and amplifying our strengths.

We invite teachers, parents, and students of Austin ISD’s Travis High School Vertical Track to join us in letting our voices and stories of solidarity and strength rise above the din of deficit that threatens to divide our school communities. We will unite around our strengths, growing pride in our schools today and building anticipation and excitement for our future.

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Join us!

Facebook group: Nuestras Escuelas, Nuestros Poderes

Twitter: #nuestrasescuelasATX


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